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Our Services

Touchstone is a data-driven call center that presents a cost-effective way to engage with consumers, increase sales, and develop your business.We empower your staff to focus on what they do best – making your product a hero.

Resilient, established, and fit for purpose, our services are devised around our clients’ requirements and are delivered as a separate function or integrated into a customized package. We provide exceptional customer experience and deliver measurable value. We are one of the most dependable, rapid-response business means outsourcing call center providers. Touchstone helps companies of all sizes improve their existing call center services with tools, applications, and expert knowledge by enterprise-wide improvements and targeted systems.


From telephone answering to order entry, customer support call handling, and product recall services, your company can use Touchstone – inbound call center provider to handle your incoming contacts 24/7. Outsourcing these responsibilities to us can save you time and money while growing your business. Touchstone understands the problems firms and companies face, and we offer our inbound sales services according to your market needs. Our call support services focus on promoting retention and customer satisfaction.


Seeking a reliable call center service provider to manage your customer support or finding prequalified connections? We can help grow your business and generate new leads.

Touchstone’s outbound telemarketing call center is powered by the science of telemarketing, using an Active Engagement formula. We have discovered that conducting an effective sales campaign is similar to producing a work of art, and at Touchstone, we know how to paint it right.

Multi-Channel Support

By offering multi-channel call center support for your business, Touchstone takes your customer service to the next level. Touchstone uses voice, email, and chat like any other traditional call center and additionally yields social media. At Touchstone, we provide a quick response to customers through different social media channels. We have the latest infrastructure and specialized resources to provide the best video chat support services to clients.

Call Analytics

Results count! Touchstone knows the value of easy to use analytics to track, measure, and iterate. Our agents capture real-time and historical analytics records from all your channels and data sources; so they can act promptly to make improvements. To provide ongoing customer satisfaction, Touchstone gathers customer feedback, looks at the metrics that make sense for your company, rolls back the things that don’t work, and keeps the things that do work.

Data Services

Touchstone offers Data Services that aim to provide quality AI-powered analytics services in a time-saving and cost-efficient manner. Modify a large volume of statistics from one medium to another, collecting data from consumers and vendors, and doing documentation. Our purpose is not just to allow our customers to get freed of high time-consuming, low tasks, but to also shift their focus from fixed to adjustable cost analysis. We help in utilizing resources to deliver optimum results; and, on top of all, have access to the latest innovative technology for an operations office.

Key Support Areas

We understand that our clients rely on us for statistical, data-driven call center services. We do our best to bridge the gap between human interaction and technology by providing superior customer experiences. We are a seamless and real extension of your business that provides professionalism and knowledge for incredible customer experience.

Quality Assurance

Touchstone has a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) department where we are committed to delivering quality performance in all areas of operations. Our emphasis on quality is the reason why our clients turn into long term business partners. All our services, voice and non-voice, go through rigorous quality checks to ensure we provide the very best experience to our clients every day. Our QA team relies on a comprehensive evaluation system to ensure that each sales agent to customer and customer to sales agent interaction covers:

  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Product/service guidelines
  • Compliance to Global
  • Telemarketing
  • Legalities/standards
  • QMS Policy


The core values of Touchstone Communications revolve around exceeding client expectations through constant communication, delivering quality, time-bound results, effective leadership, and world class training. We believe in a proactive learning approach and continuous improvement; hence, training and assessment involve mandatory training for every employee and regularly identifying improvement areas. Our highly competent and goal-oriented training team impart exemplary programs, including modules designed for sales, customer service, communication, and above all, leadership and people management. Touchstone is also renowned for its customized training programs for other corporate companies to fulfill their training needs.

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