Outbound Services

Touchstone’s Outbound services add value to your business by quickly generating leads and increasing your revenue.

Services we offer

Touchstone is a leading provider of outbound services catering to global customers’ outbound calling needs for nearly two decades. TCPA compliant outbound calls can generate high-quality live transfers to sales executives. Fast response outbound calls can improve lead sources’ conversion rates and generate sales from all channels following up on web inquiries and emails.

Market research, building or improving customer databases, conducting surveys, or setting appointments are valuable outbound skillsets. Touchstone has experience across a wide range of industries to begin delivering results quickly.

Live Transfer Lead Generation

Outsourcing lead generation services to Touchstone can deliver the best sales leads directly to your sales staff or loan officers. Grow your revenue by growing your pipeline with high-quality live transfer leads.


We can provide comprehensive customer acquisition and sales solutions closely aligned with your sales and marketing strategies. We can help you increase your market share while acting as an extension of your in-house sales team.

Appointment Setting

Businesses often use appointments to present their products and services. We excel at outbound sales calls to arrange B2B and B2C appointments. Our specialists arrange meetings between your sales professionals and prospective customers using proven techniques to generate high quality, conversion appointments.

Market Research / Surveys

We can help you design and deliver compelling customer satisfaction surveys to precisely understand what they need. This information can be crucial in helping you re-design processes, improve marketing, and change policies to serve them better. As your outsourcing partner, we are committed to providing services to take your business to the next level.

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