Data Services

Touchstone has been a leading provider of database development and management services to its clientele by providing quality AI-powered analytics services in a time-saving and cost-efficient manner.

Services we offer

Data is king. Big data, unstructured data, lead and customer data are becoming increasingly important. Touchstone can help organize your data. Common projects include:

  • Build custom prospect data lists
  • Integrate lead data, CRM data, and operating system data
  • Prepare data for artificial intelligence/machine learning projects
  • Organize unstructured data into actionable data

Touchstone has the data and technical skills to organize, build and complete your data projects. We have recently built a customer analytics platform for the mortgage industry using AI and sophisticated data capture tools. We have helped numerous clients to collate verified customer data from different sources within a quick turnaround time. Data collection outsourcing to Touchstone will allow you to benefit from low-cost pricing options and a ready-built experienced team saving you time and money.

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