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Upgrade your customer support services with Touchstone’s effective & quality call quality analytics assistance to enhance your customer experience, increase productivity & profits.

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Call Analytics improves lead-to-sale conversion rates. The fastest and surest way to grow your business is to improve sales performance on the phone. Touchstone Analytics delivers measurable results. Every call is tracked and recorded. Every call is analyzed using artificial intelligence and human analysts to help companies understand the real reasons for call outcomes.

Is it a bad lead? Lack of friendliness and empathy? Product presentation or sales skills? With Touchstone Analytics, every phone call is sourced to a marketing campaign so that you know the cost of every lead, cost of every appointment, and cost of every sale. Management gets a real-time dashboard to view performance results by either individual sales-person, call source, and time-period. Each call is summarized and graded for a time-efficient review. You always have the opportunity to drill down and review an individual call. Marketing improves by investing more in your best-performing lead sources. Your training improves because now you know exactly where your team needs improvement. And your revenue grows with higher conversion rates creating higher income sales teams and a more profitable company.

Touchstone has over 10 years of Call Analytics experience and offers industry-leading solutions for the automotive and mortgage industry. Call today to put call analytics to work for your business.

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